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The third supplier exchange conference




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The third supplier exchange conference

2016/10/19 16:24

On August 8th, the third supplier exchange meeting of Dongguan Yongsheng Wire held on the theme of “integrity, pragmatism, fairness and honesty, mutual benefit and win-win” was held in Dalang. More than 50 representatives of supply companies from all over the country attended the meeting. . The company's general manager Liu Yongqiang, deputy general manager Ren Qingwan, and managers of various business divisions and supervisors attended the meeting. The general manager of the company, Liu Yongqiang, thanked the suppliers for their strong support for Yongsheng Wire in his speech and expressed his understanding of the management experience, the cutting-edge information sharing, the cooperation in technology research and development, and other aspects, and he focused on the future of Yonghe Cable. The development strategy, at the same time, hopes to create a simple and clean cooperation relationship with suppliers and promote better cooperation between supply and demand sides.