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7B International Finance Center No.5 Kejishi Road

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Secretary of the chairman

1. Bachelor degree or above;

2. The relevant work experience of large and medium-sized enterprises or listed companies, with good copywriting and writing skills;

3, English 4 or above;

4. Familiar with business etiquette, with strong resilience and communication and coordination, with certain public relations capabilities, and with the leadership of the company to coordinate all aspects of the relationship.

5, holding a motor vehicle driver's license C1 priority.




Salary treatment: 4500-5999

Work address: No.1, Lane 3, Henglu Road, Rhinoceroses Grand Courtyard, Dalang Town, Dongguan City

Interview address: (ibid)

Contact: Manager Lu

Landline: 86-769-83106870 turn 8808

Mobile phone: 86-13802373478